Neil will take a detailed case history and perform a biomechanic assessment to identify the likely causes of your pain 
How I can help...
Hands-on treatment, combined with medical acupuncture and targeted movements to improve function
Advice and homework will always be given in order to continue improvements and address any lifestyle changes
Continued investment from Neil and his patients to reach their treatment, movement and exercise objectives 
A tailored treatment approach combining osteopathy, functional movement therapy and medical acupuncture...
  • Neil will take the time to explore the root causes of your pain and, together with you, will help to restore function and pain free movement 
  • A whole body approach to assessment, treatment and home exercise will be used, in order to identify and treat any underlying restrictions that are causing and maintaining pain 
  • Neil will always aim to empower the patient to understand and realise their own movement potential and ability, and encourage you to continue to enjoy movement away from the clinic
Neil is a GOsC registered osteopath and movement specialist based in Haslemere and London. Neil is passionate about human movement and bio-mechanics and has recently achieved a fellowship with the world-leading functional movement specialists at the Gray Institute in the USA.  Neil strongly believes that treating pain and dysfunction requires a whole body approach. By combining traditional osteopathy techniques, functional movement patterns and medical acupuncture, Neil works with patients to help overcome their pain and unlock their true potential.
Featured blog...

January 23, 2019

Strength is a fundamental component of a happy, pain free, resilient body. Every day as an osteopath, I will diagnose and treat painful conditions which have partly arisen from a lack or imbalance of strength in the body. Building strength can be a fundamental part of a patient’s recovery and ongoing health. But what does strength actually mean and how should we improve it?

We all have differing ideas of what strength means. It...

July 25, 2017

There’s a fairly obvious giveaway about the importance of our gluteal muscles; they are rather big! Having a big, powerful set of muscles such as the glutes should indicate to us that, through our evolution, the body has developed a demand for strength and power in that area.  

Human anatomy has evolved to cope as efficiently as possible with the forces exerted upon it. Perhaps the most important force...

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After the first session I felt an immediate difference in my mobility. Neil addressed issues at my hip which were contributing to the pain in my foot, which I never thought would have been the source of the problem. After continuing to do the exercises and stretches Neil suggested, I am now experiencing much less pain and am able to play football, which I was beginning to worry would be impossible."

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Neil Sharland, Osteopath and Movement Specialist based in Haslemere, Surrey.